“…one hell of a read. I didn’t want it to end.” Don Sterchi                      “The secret is in the mandolins.” Tony Williamson                      “The visions you put in my mind, dance” Billy Watson                      “When a man writes like that, there has to be a reason.” Irene Lehmann                      "The Mandolin Case shows he is a man who cares for his people." -- Darin and Brooke Aldridge                      “There is something you learn from every mandolin player you hear.” Sam Bush                      “If the mandolin stands for truth, I’m all for it.” Ronnie McCoury                      "The secret is in the mandolins.” Tony Williamson                      “Tommy Bibey…sheds humane light and his gentle humor on his world…” Ted Lehmann                      “Finally, an author…to accurately portray the integrity of bluegrass music and the people that love it.” Kristin Scott Benson                      “Dr. B …you have captured the essence …you have a unique talent.” Bill Elam                      “…the mandolin stands for the truth…” Ronnie McCoury                     

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